Saturday, December 15

Tattoo Removal?! Opinions please

The Tat B Gone ( system is the simplest, most affordable and most convenient of any tattoo removal method available.

According to research by top medical organizations, nearly half of all people with tattoos have considered removing them... Why?

*Career concerns
*A change in personal taste or lifestyle
*Fading or distortion of aging skin
*Poor placement
*Color change of the tattoo ink
*Outdated artwork
*Or maybe they just want to lighten their tattoo, to replace it with new tattoo artwork

Compared to other tattoo removal techniques, the revolutionary Tat B Gone system helps fade away your tattoo artwork or permanent cosmetics, easily, effectively, and comfortably. Traditional laser tattoo removal procedures typically are painful, time consuming and expensive. The cost can run into thousands of dollars and the process can take years. Surgical tattoo removal methods or sanding often leave scars and can lead to other complications.

Now: $73.95

Save $11 ! Get everything you need to start the tattoo fade away process. Our Trial Kit includes a 1 month supply of Step 1, 2, and 3.

No additional charge for 2 day delivery.
Domestic Delivery: 2 days, International: 2-5 days

Remember, the 1 month Trial Kit just starts the fading process. Significant visible changes will take longer to achieve.

The Trial Kit is also great for our customers who have just 1 more month left to achieve the desired tattoo fading results.

Trial Kit includes full sizes of each step.

*Month supply estimates are approximate and vary depending on size of tattoo and how applied.

All Tat B Gone orders are shipped in a generic plain package.

Tat B Gone has been proven to be highly effective. Our studies show that over 95% of Tat B Gone users achieve SATISFYING RESULTS, but some situations require a longer treatment period. Because of this and contamination concerns (we cannot ensure the integrity of product that has been out of our control) we are unable to accept returns or offer an unconditional guarantee.


hithatsmybike said...

I can't find the ingredients anywhere on the site -- and the "how it works" section is more than suspiciously vague.

The reality of this matter is that it would take some serious chemicals to remove ink below the skin. The idea that this product even works at all is doubtful at best, but the notion that it works do the degree the pictures show without scarring or giving you cancer, is completely unrealistic.

I would strongly advise against buying this.