Friday, November 30

December Forecast. . . If you believe this stuff!

It's December –- the time of the year when the Sun, the Moon and stars all line up to help you start something new as the New Year approaches. This is a time for powerful emotions and connections!

Casual conversations and people with commitment issues won't interest you as Venus, the planet of love and relationships, enters the passionate sign of Scorpio on December 5. You are looking for something more profound, now. If you are single, you may even meet your soul mate, while couples can find out what the power of two will do.

The sky is the limit around December 11, when expansive Jupiter conjuncts transformative Pluto –- an event that happens once every 13 years. You will feel the extraordinary power of this conjunction and find you can accomplish anything you set your heart on. A new relationship, a new job -- anything is possible. Just put in the effort, and the effects will be mind blowing!

Saturn, the planet of boundaries and life lessons, turns retrograde on December 19, initiating a time of review. Analyze where you have been and your responsibilities to yourself and others, as you create a solid foundation for the New Year ahead. Finally, December 24 ushers in a time of dynamic activity, and you may feel like you are in overdrive.