Wednesday, September 9

Say What You Want

I'm a BIG advocate of saying what it is that you want.... I have never been a fan of biting my tongue so when it comes to my LIFE, my policy is say what you want; a closed mouth doesn't get fed! And nobody will know what you want if you never say anything!

Be vocal! Don't hurt anyone's feelings if you can avoid it but know that you are the one in control of your LIFE and if you let others in it then they can deal with you or kick rocks! I totally think that if someone loves you (this could be your man, your friends or your family) then they will stick through all the good and the bad....

So I love you baby, I'm proud of you and I want you in my life FOREVER!
So let's make it happen, let's get it!!!!!!

♥ ♥ me + you= we ;-) ♥ ♥

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nikkiblanco said...


i'm attempting to be more vocal the older i get... i've learned along the way that "the squeaky wheel gets the oil"