Friday, September 18

J. Street and J. Street Clothing

My name is Julian Streete, and Im a business major from Houston, Texas. I started my first business in 2004 "J Street Clothing" which turned into "JStreet Apparel & Branding". Primarily, I sale wholesale apparel and do freelance graphic design. I don't even have a website, however strong contacts and word of mouth keep me pretty busy. Last summer I interned for Ogilvy & Mather in NYC, which is one of the largest advertising companies in the world.

My internship exposed me to the wonderful science of branding and that is where my passion is. I recently partnered with another student at Morehouse to create "The Follow Me Tee". The follow me tee is simply the "@" sigh with your username on the front of a t-shirt with the "follow me" call to action on the back. The Follow Me Tee is for the twitter enthusiast who wants a practical way to market their twitter account. "The Follow Me Tee" is also for groups and organizations who promote their cause through twitter. We sale wholesale follow me tees to bands, non profit organizations, schools, or anyone looking for ways to promote.

Right now I love life, and I want to learn and build as much as I can, while I can.

****Here are a few questions that I asked J. Street to answer:

> Why are you on Twitter?
I joined Twitter June 2008 to network, promote and learn. I follow some of my favorite authors on Twitter and try to engage them in conversation. I love the open dialogue that you can have with just about anyone.

> What made J. Street follow U Bring Me Joi?
I followed you from a follow Friday suggestion. When I went to your page I noticed you were very career driven, wise and you had a positive attitude. Who doesn't want #positivity in their news feed!

> What are your goals for 2009?
For 2009 I plan to finish school, build a stronger list of professional clients for J. Street Apparel & Branding and sale a couple thousand FollowMeTees to Twitter enthusiast and various organizations.

> How do you feel Twitter can help you accomplish these goals?
I believe that twitter is "the new word of mouth". So as long as we deliver great products and services, people will tweet about it and our message will spread.

830 Westview Dr
Atlanta, GA, 30314

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Anonymous said...

I am a J. Streete follower only because I see a Man of Valor with Purpose, Productivity, & Potential for a New Era not yet spoken of in society. Stay Tune in & keep watching out for J.Streete....He's fire in a new concept.

Julian Streete said...

^^^ Thank You and Thank You Joi