Saturday, June 13

D Lamar - Singer/Lyricist

D Lamar (singer/lyricist) from Northern California. Hoping to alter reality as I know it through my musical artistry. I believe anything is possible with guidance, and faith in the Lord. If it is his will, it will be done.

Why are you on Twitter?
I am on twitter to meet, and build a wonderful and beautiful network of smiling people! I am 100% real with every tweet (update) it gets personal, at times, but the main focus, is to share myself with the new coined "twitterverse". I aim to be the regular famous guy, lol.

What made you follow me?
I followed you because I had seen a few conversations going back and forth with you, and of course you were beautiful...I continue following you, because you seem very approachable, honest, and positive, qualities, I believe I have as well. And when you went on to say, you would write a piece on your blog, you were locked in forever!

What are your goals for 2009?
My goals for 2009, are to finish a full recording project of 20 songs. 5 r&b, 5 rock, 5 rap, and 5 mixed (features,etc). Also I plan to finish a fan and music website, and begin booking shows, for more exposure.

How do you feel Twitter can help you accomplish these goals?
I believe twitter will help me achieve certain aspects of these goals, because so far, I have met quite a few helpful people, even if its honest critiques on my music, or advice, on what to do with my music career. As well as found new friends, who are slowly becoming fans. Twitter is and will expose me to many different people in the business. It allows me to easily send links to modeling pictures, websites, and most of all direct links to my music. Feedback is always welcome.

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D LAMAR said...

I feel super special!! this loox 1derful! I definitely appreciate this! And your whole blog spot isoff the hook as well, You bring joy definitely, im about to blast ur site all over the place babygirl!! -D LAMAR

Shayla Monique (follow me) said...

DLamar is on the rise!! Dont doubt or deny, or for that matter be left behind!!! Watch him work... Good Luck in all you pursue DLamar