Monday, May 25


"Everyone with a camera is NOT a Photographer!"
Please do not be fooled by the lames that walk around with a camera stating that they are Photographers. . . Please do your research and know that who you are about to work with is all that they say that they are! And please FYI "Ladies, keep your clothes on!" I HATE that woman think that they have to start modeling in a bathing suit or lingerie or better yet naked; If you are easily fooled by this poser's sweet words then maybe you shouldn't be behind the camera maybe you should be in the library reading up on your game play book!

Just a little thought because I am sooooo TIRED of the Amateurs that want to look at woman in little to nothing so they POSE like they are Photographers. . . And I'm so TIRED of the Amateur models who will let these POSER'S take the pictures!

Oh and by the way since I'm venting "Everyone with a brush is NOT a make up artist!" and "Everyone who can pose is NOT a model!"

Please help us out; Please help keep the industry that I Love So Much "POSER FREE!"
We in the industry should all know what a HOTT picture is but if you need a point of reference here are a few that I like a lot! These are on the LEVEL that you need to be reaching for. . . If you love this shit the way that I do!


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Milly said...

I agree Joi!


@ Milly- thanks, glad you agree!