Tuesday, May 26

Shaking My Head

I wrote a post on "Venting" and I listed a few pics that I loved or that I thought were done by some talented photographers.... Well I figured I would be defeating the purpose if I didn't post a few shots by some not so talented photographers!

I know that with time and practice they 'could be' better... but for now here goes! O and for the record I found these pics on a Model Site and the person who took them is listed under Photographers. Poor lighting, bad poses, bad background, cords, cables, no photo shop- Hmmmmmm..... *SMH*

Models a guy with a camera does not mean that he is a photographer! And please keep your clothes on.... You do not start your career off naked or in a bathing suit... What TOP model can you name that transitioned from Video Vixen to TOP Model?!

♥ ♥


Milly said...

I see a whole bunch of wrong in these pics smh

Theres this one guy on my myspace, He's supposedly a "photographer" but some of his pictures make the girls seem like they smell smh


ha ha like the smell, damn Milly! Glad to know that I'm not the only one