Sunday, March 1

XSCAPE "Tonight"

Damn what happened to good R&B.... I loved XSCAPE!!!!!
XSCAPE (a pun on the popular mispronunciation of the word "escape") is a female American R&B quartet that had a string of hit songs during the early and mid 1990s. The original lineup of the group consisted of sisters LaTocha Scott ("Juicy") (born October 2, 1973) and Tamika Scott ("Meat Ball") (born November 19, 1975), along with Kandi Burruss ("Kandi") (born May 17, 1976), and Tameka Cottle ("Tiny") (born July 14, 1975).

(Sidebar- what do you have to do to get a nickname like "Meatball"? ... um I would be pissed)
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