Tuesday, March 3

Horoscope: Cancer March 2009

Cancer Job and Career Horoscope in March 2009
Jupiter, the Lord of the sixth Solar Mansion, is placed with many planets in Aquarius, so people born under Cancer sun sign will get possessive about whatever they are dedicating at the workplace. New job offers may not be lucrative enough to be caught hold of, says Ganesha.

Cancer Business Horoscope in March 2009
People born under Cancer sun sign will have lots of checks, drafts and cash coming in during this month. But, if they won't, then they will surely do the necessary follow up as Venus' transit through Aries cannot go in vain. This is the right time to do PR activities, suggests Ganesha.

Cancer Finance and Money Horoscope in March 2009
With Venus transiting through Aries, people born under Cancer sun sign will have enough financial strength. Money in their bank account or pocket will be very apparent. They will also think about buying a new house or vehicle. However, expenses behind medication is also foreseen by Ganesha.

Cancer Love/Marriage/Personal life Horoscope in March 2009
Single and looking born under Cancer sun sign have a scope of connecting with someone very charming, winks Ganesha. Those who are already in a relationship will have a good time in this month. No major conflicts or differences are envisaged on the marital front.

I'm not too mad @ mine Nik.... you take these with a grain of salt another one I read said something different, lol!
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nikkiblanco said...

I like your horoscope! I may have to pretend that is mine!!!!! :)

Milly said...

I hope this is true lol...I'm a cancer too and I've been hustling and I'm actually supposed to start seeing profits this month :)


@ nikki- lol


@ Milly- hope things work out for you... what do you do? Message me on FB and let me know