Wednesday, January 7

New Angle In Oscar Grant Shooting

I know that I'm soooo late but my man let me know about this and I'm so confused- I mean why did the officer even have his gun out Grant was on the ground in handcuffs?!?!?

Oscar Grants’ funeral was today, we keep his friends and family in our prayers and hope that proper justice is served.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice EVERYWHERE”

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

On New Years Eve, this routine pat down turns fatal when a police officer detains Oscar Grant while another officer reaches for his gun and shoots Grant in the back. If you have a platform and you don’t speak your mind it is an ultimate disservice to the community. When my good friend pointed this out and told me of the efforts that are being orchestrated to see that justice be carried out, there was no question. If you feel like you want to speak your opinion then by all means visit GatheringForJustice and make your voice heard. I urge our culture and our society to speak out against all brutality as violence is never justified. Don’t be afraid to leave comments, I want to hear everyone's opinions on this matter.
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Milly said...

This is so sad. We all just need to keep him and his family in our prayers. R.I.P Grant


i know, i was so shocked when watching this last night :-( my prayers and condolences go out to his family

B.Harv said...