Wednesday, January 7

Jamie Foxx "Blame It" Intuition

Congrats Chris "Deep" Henderson (Showing a lil H.U Love!)
"Blame It" I found a link on's site under BANGERS- I love this song! Go take a listen! The beat hits hard, I love T-Pain on it and how many times has someone said they messed up cause of the alcohol..... great job!

There is a remix out featuring Yung Joc on Rap Basement- click here to listen!

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CorporateHustler32 said...

Yep, thats definitely a club banger! I agree wit Jamie... Go ahed girl.. do what you want.. and blame it on the alcohol! lol.. did you hear eminem's new single? "Crack a bottle"?..


i love this song and i'm so proud of my homeboy for working it out!

yeah i heard it looking for it though, i heard it on the radio- where do i find? send link

Vaushaun "MAESTRO" Brooks said...

yeah chris!!


lol, i'm happy for him.... wonder if this is going to be a single?!