Sunday, July 13

Will There Be a MTV comeback for Brit?

Britney Spears has been below the radar lately and could it be because she is looking back to her old self and it seems the people who matter are taking notice.

Bosses at MTV could be set to ask her to return to September’s Video Music Awards despite her disastrous performance just a year ago.

She gave a out of time and horrible rendition of single "Gimme More" at the bash in Las Vegas. And was later spotted crying backstage, I wonder why?!

So could we be about to witness another Brit "Let's Call it A Comeback” in many years?

MTV president Van Toffler revealed: “Everyone deserves a second or third chance, right?”

Well I do hope Britney gets it right and keeps it tight this time. Otherwise she might not get that third and final strike before she’s down and out! ;-)


jynclower said...

"I am actually really pulling for her!!!

Love you Brit Brit!!!"