Sunday, July 13

Madonna Sold Out!

Madonna, The Queen of Pop sells out... I mean has sold out! Madonna has reportedly sold 1 million tickets for her upcoming "Sticky and Sweet" (interesting title) tour. It shows that she's still got it and why she's playing major stadiums.

To date, Madonna has sold out her shows in Boston, Oakland, Las Vegas, Houston, Montreal, Mexico City, Paris, Lisbon, New York, Zurich, Chicago, Denver, East Rutherford, Toronto and Vancouver.


Nic Towns said...

i'm not an avid concert goer... but i wouldn't mind catching this one... i'm may have to see if "i can get da hook up"


Rebecca said...

"great for her. i LOVE madonna! jason and i were just saying a few days ago that getting out to see madonna should be a goal on our to do concert list. i really wish i had made it out to see her confessions on a dance floor tour. i think that cd totally rocked. im not too hot on her newest stuff, but i love madonna regardless. hopefully now that she has ditched her man she will come back to the states for yet another reinvention as we all know she loves to do. and get this joi, she will be 50 in one month!!!!"

Michaelrcks said...

Unsurprising, to say the least!

robinesque said...

She's only still "got it" to her fans.