Sunday, June 22

Venting Because I Can!

So I as I was browsing through the many sites that I normally check out I came across a site with a article entitled "What's The Big Deal?" with a picture of Lil Wayne intrigued me so I read on.

Okay to answer the title the BIG deal is nobody has sold a million albums since 50 Cent in 2005! "The Massacre" sold 1.14 million copies in its first four days of release, making it the sixth fastest-selling album since SoundScan began tracking sales data in 1991.
The next point I must address is regardless of if you like Lil Wayne or not you still have to give him his props, in two years nobody was able to do what 50 Cent accomplished in 05. Even if the record label did buy 300,000 copies and stored them in a shed or gave them away nobody else's record label backed them the way that Wayne's label did so don't hate! Let's compare Wayne's platinum album in a week to other album sales for the first week that released this year Mariah Carey sold 463,000, Usher sold 433,000 and Danity Kane sold 236,000; I'm sure they would of loved their label to buy 300,000 c.d's and throw them overboard if need be.

So to answer your question "What's The Big Deal?" the BIG deal is it hasn't been done in 2 years! I never understand why the need to bring people down, let's congratulate him and everyone that helped to make the c.d and be happy for them!