Wednesday, June 11

Tha "Carter 3" Expected To Sell Near a Millie

I'm not normally one to watch the numbers or the sales of albums but I have been quiet intrigued by the sales of the "Carter III" since it was leaked about a week ago and many people need not buy the real c.d. As I finished a recent blog on Usher I wondered in comparison (though there is NO comparison Wayne(rapper) to Usher(R&B dude) how well this album would do versus that one!? Since then I found out that Usher's "Here I Stand" sold 433,000 units in his first week out (versus "Confessions" 1 million) and drum roll please. . .

Weezy sold 437,000 units in his first day! June 10, 2008 he sold 423,000 unitsFox News, wow! Thanks to all the fans that regardless of the bootleg went to the stores, bought it on I-Tunes, ordered it on-line etc. For all the haters that thought Weezy would only sell 180,000 the first week I guess you can pick your jaws up from off the floor! Pat Monaco, exec VP of sales for the Universal Motown Republic Group reports "The sales the first few hours were exceeding the rate that the Kanye's album sold a year ago." An he estimates the disc will sell between 850,000 and 950,000 by the end of its first week. The album has already gone Gold and today is only it's second day!

For more info on the making of the c.d check out this article on The Rhapsody"Behind the Carter"

Last year's first-week top-seller was from Kanye West, who sold 957,000 copies of "Graduation."

First Week Units Sold 2008:
Nine Inch Nails 800,000 (I know this is a whole different ball game, but wow!)
Mariah Carey 463,000 (ranked largest sales first week for 08')
Usher 433,000
Danity Kane 236,000
Rick Ross 198,375
Janet Jackson 181,000
Snoop 137,000
Erykah Badu 124,000
Ashanti 86,200
Webbie 72,000
Fat Joe 46,125
Shawty Lo 31,000
Prodigy 12,962
Lil Flip 5,347
Pete Rock 3,806
Pimp C 2,729
Joe Budden 1,112 (which shows you that c.d's aren't that easy to sell, lol!)