Tuesday, June 10

Lil Wayne "Carter 3" Hits stores today!

The highly anticipated album of the year by 'The Best Rapper Alive' Lil Wayne hits stores today!!! But if you are really a fan you bought it last night on I-Tunes (I know I did) and fyi the explicit version has 18 tracks whereas the c.d only has 16 tracks. The song "Prostitute" that was blasted out of numerous speakers last summer is missing from the c.d and I was very sad when I found out. I was also upset the first time that I heard the song because I could not believe Weezy was singing so hard but I could feel his pain and I loved that! Kudos to Vaushaun 'Maestro' Brooks for producing the song and for blessing us with the first song on the c.d "3 Peat" where Wayne states "They can't stop me, even if they stopped me. . . I get the beats from 'Maestro!'

Now I will say that I'm truly excited to hear this c.d but it's not typical Wayne he slows it down throughout the c.d one track in particular is "Comfortable" his collab with Babyface. On “Tie My Hands,” he gets serious and delivers some of his best lyrics, rhyming about the Katrina tragedy and stating "I lost everything but I'm not the only one, first came the hurricane then the morning sun... they try to tell me to keep my eyes open my whole city under water and some people still floatin"(Lyrics Rapbasement)

Other producers that have joined 'Maestro' to make 'The Best Rap Album' for 2008 are The Alchemist, Bangladesh, Cool & Dre, Deezle, Jim Jonsin, Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, and Will.I.Am just to name a few. He has collaborated with Jay-Z, Bobby Valentino, Babyface, Busta, Robin Thicke, Kanye, and Fabolous on separate tracks but they are all worth listening too!

Regardless of my on-line purchase you can still catch me in line early at Wal-Mart to get the explicit version because why buy a c.d if you don't buy more than one copy (you need one for the car and a version for your IPOD, right?).

Regardless of whether or not the c.d is typical Wayne or not (and buy the way who wants typical Wayne, he wouldn't be the best if he didn't try new things and make them work. Look at all the rappers who are singing now. And I know Ja Rule tried it but well yeah he was never nowhere near the best maybe the worst rapper; okay my bad I'm getting off the subject) it will get a lot of airplay in my ride and I'm sure plenty of others. You will be happy that you bought this album and you can rest assure that "Here I Stand" will not be getting the airplay in the whips today!