Friday, June 13

R. Kelly Free at Last?!

Before a verdict was reached in the R. Kelly child pornography trial, the judge denied a juror's request to be removed from the panel because of a recent string of family illnesses. Judge Vincent Gaughan told the juror that though he and the attorneys were sympathetic, the case was too important to turn back now.

A jury has found R. Kelly not guilty!

A jury acquitted the singer of all fourteen counts of child pornography. Kelly has always denied that being him on the video tape at the center of the trial — and even the alleged victim denied it was her! The jurors find the case as much more complex than presented by the prosecution. The jury—three women and nine men—acquit based on the lack of a victim, the lack of a credible sex tape and the undercurrent of a conspiracy with which the defense sought to taint key witness testimony.

Chicago Tribune

"At some point, we all thought there was a lack of evidence," a female juror said. A male juror said the absence of the victim on the witness stand and her family in the courtroom was "a major lack of evidence.Bloomberg"

DISCLAIMER: I think that GOD gives everyone talent and flaws. So before I finish I love R. Kelly as a musician, singer, producer etc! but I don't want him alone with any of my cousins, nieces, nephews (just kidding), god daughters etc.!

I think that there is NO WAY that you pick a jury in the U.S considering everyone had there opinion about him and the tape before they into that court, and honestly think that he is going to jail. No matter what they heard or saw before and during the trial, some wanted him to be free and some wanted to see him behind bars. This is a case of more wanted him free than behind bars! Because I can find 'a major lack of evidence' in any story I hear if I really want too. . .

Regardless of what a jury has to say we all have our opinions, we are all going to think of him the way that we want to think of him that's just life! Comedians are always going to have material to use in their 'acts' and TV shows like 'South Park' for example, are going to have more 'fuel for their fire.'

After all is said and done what do you think should of happened or not happened to R. Kelly?


Anonymous said...

God is a God of justice is all that I am going to he better hope he was innocent for real (yeah right)

Sonny B said...

WE know it was him. The HOOD know it was him. HE know it was him. There will be justice just not served in a court of law.