Saturday, May 17

So this is how it's going down?! Racism in West Virginia

Random ridiculousness. . . On the political side of things:
The Democratic Race is on Obama Vs Clinton; Check out the responses to the reasons why they would not vote for him.

I do not want to even begin to think of what these West Virginia residents said off air!
And people think racism is over. . .


J*Shy said...

I guess i didn't realize how ignorant people still are! I guess I just was hoping that people would be open to Obama! Anywho I came by cuz I saw that your name was JOI just like me and wanted to let u know u are not alone lol! Oh and im a cancer babi 2!


i would to think that we have evolved but it amazes me every time i get excited thinking that we did i see something like that or hear someone talking crazy. . . well thanks for the response. KIT!