Monday, May 19

China One Child Policy Causes Pain After Earthquake

China stopped for three minutes to mourn the estimated 50,000 people killed by the earthquake exactly one week earlier. This is touching that a country with over
1,321,851,888 people they all stopped their lives for three minutes to mourn.

But I'm wondering in a country where there is a one child per family policy
(Here is a link to read the policy:
The Chinese government introduced the policy in 1979 to alleviate the social and environmental problems of China.
One Child Policy on Wikipedia)

What do you feel when your child is one of the ones that dies in an earthquake where the death toll is 50,000 people?

I have friends who have 2, 3 and some even 4 children and they love them dearly so what would they feel if one day they lost one? Or more devastating how would they feel if they lost there only child?

I don't have any children and I was still at a loss of words when I watched families still calling out their child's names a week after the earthquake. I am deeply troubled that some of these families have stated that they would not have children again just because they never want to feel this type of pain. I'm troubled though I can understand not wanting to miss those precious moments of first words or first steps etc. My heart and my prayers go out to the many families that were effecting in the quake. . . As I take my three minute moment of silence now. . .

Here is a story on the pain that most parents are feeling; especially the ones that actually implemented the policy in their households.
One Child Policy Brings Extra Pain