Tuesday, June 15

What disturbs you more?

From a recent conversation with a few friends one mentioned being upset that Lady Ga Ga was destroying Hermes Birkin Bags by adding her own signature style to them and I agreed. Though I love the simplicity and elegance of a Hermes B Bag I would like to see what they would look like if they adorned a few with embellishments, as seen in this picture. Obvisously I'm not a fan of the way this one looks but I'm sure if Hermes went to the drawing board whatever they came up with would look more put together than Ga Ga's.

On to my point, what is more disturbing about this picture to you?
1. The destroyed
B Bag
2. The shoes

I say it has to be the shoes.... she is doing her thing, apparently getting around from place to place but they look like a broken ankle just waiting to happen but that's just me ;)

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AssertiveWit said...

the shoes are definitely more disturbing LOL

Fashion Guru said...

this is crazy. why will she wear that

Anonymous said...