Saturday, February 13

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I can honestly say that I have been privileged in the events that I have taken pictures for and last year I was able to do it again! Thanks again to Antonia Carter for booking to me to take the pics... Click here to go to the site: Joi's pictures on BET

Reginae'sParty was a huge event and since Toya was taping The Tiny & Toya Show, they have posted a few of the pictures on their site.... Check them out
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Fan favorite TINY & TOYA returns for a second season packed with drama, laughter and self-discovery.

Pick up where they left off. Tune in Tuesday, April 13 at 10 PM/9C for the premiere.

This season, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and best friend Antonia “Toya” Carter continue to uplift their lives while balancing motherhood, family, fame and budding business empires of their own.

A journey familiar to many women, viewers will watch Tiny as she raises her children, expands her businesses and takes the next steps in helping her family deal with her father’s Alzheimer’s disease. For Toya, family remains at the center of her life. She continues to build a solid foundation for her spunky 11-year-old daughter, Reginae, and confronts her mother Anita with “tough love” while she continues to fight her war with drugs, all while entertaining a love life of her own.

Last season, TINY & TOYA garnered 3 million viewers, the highest of any original series premiere in BET history. The new series also gave viewers a peek behind all the glitz and glamour, and highlighted the ladies’ personal strength and commitment to staying true to oneself.

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