Saturday, December 19

Wow, Where Have I Been?

So I happened to spend more than a few hours in front of my computer and realized that I have been completely out of the loop.... No gossip blogs, none of my friends blogs, no posts= Nothing! I haven't even gotten a chance to VENT when things PISS me off or I just want to write; Its not like I keep my readers up to date like your local news channel but WTH I have NO excuses....

So FYI I'm going to start taking time to write a little more! ;)

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Ashia_J said...

Good! :)

Girl! I know exactly what you mean! I have been MIA to a certain extent... partly by choice and partly just because I've been doing so much! I have decided tho, that I want to start posting more... so we can make that pact together! (nictowns... using my cousins account!)


Alright Ashia_J I've been posting it up..... its your turn now! :)