Wednesday, September 23

Short VS Long

Lord, knows I loved my hair short! And I came across a picture the other day that made me think about it though I know I won't..... It's easy to just put your hair in a ponytail but when your hair is this short you don't have to worry about that. There are so many reasons short hair was easy to manage but....

But I thought that I would ask your opinions.... Have a great day!

Comments from my Twitter fam:

@Wise_Diva I love the short, it's funky, but I like longer for the fall
@neesyboo short!!!!
@BornInIniquity SHORT!! =)
@dsgb106 short. Plus I liked when u went red.
CaliMonroe luv the short!!
@iFollowMike short
@mstausha u r rockin the MESS out of that short cut!!! U know my pick ;-)
@AlwayzBJ I like the short..but the long is complimenting as well.
@Divagrl - love the short! Makes me want 2 cut my hair again!
@design_doll Both are pretty but dang, short looks good on you!
@missauribaby U look beautiful either way! I prefer short cause its easier for me to maintain. Im geting my Halle Berry back in a few weeks
The short looks hot!

@sunkissedpeach short and dark
Definitely short... It's sexier and fits ur face better

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