Saturday, August 29

Looky Here

Browsing through I ran across these pics and I'm just wondering what your opinion is?

Daniel “Boobie” Gibson (also known as K. Cole's 'boyfriend') was spotted at Cedar Point amusement park for Daniel Gibson Day, with a pair of stars shaved in his head, just like Keyshia Cole.

I guess this is cute! Ha, Ha! I guess they way that you look at it you can always grow your hair back and it be no big deal, but to get matching tatt's etc is a lil more permanent. Um I can't see me going out and cutting my hair for nobody but when you are in Hollywood I understand that if you aren't being talked about then you are irrelevant. So get it how you live! ;)

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nikkiblanco said...

i think that is just too cute :)... my man would never do that, lol, and would never "let" me do that... but it's so cute to see them do it --they are celebs and no press is bad press!