Monday, June 15

Who Cares

There are rumors spreading that Halle Berry might be pregnant again, if so congrats! If not and she is gaining a little weight who cares!! I will never say she is fat, ever!!!!! She looks fab on the set of her Revlon photo shoot the other day!

Let the haters hate! I pray I do look this good after I have my first child... well I mean if I have her/him later on in life. Shyt I better look this good if I'm in my early 30's poppin out a child!!!! ;) (sidebar that last line was for me ;)

♥ ♥


Milly said...

Sad part is I dont see the weight gain they are talking about?

She looks fab


I know right.... Haters everywhere we go!

nikkiblanco said...

halle inspires me so much!