Thursday, June 25

Happy Father's Day!

*****I think that one of the best things about a blog is you can talk about whatever you want to and it’s a way to vent. So my message for today to all fathers- be there for your child! If you took the time to create them, take the time to cultivate a relationship with them as well! My father passed 5 years ago and I miss him everyday and trust no day goes by that I don’t wish that he was still here. I lucked up on this card but we all know that I wasn’t luck that made me pick it. It goes like this:

“As father and daughter, we’ve always been on pretty good terms. We’ve had some disagreements, but always with plenty of respect and affection to see them through. Now that I’m older, I can see even more clearly how truly lucky I’ve been to have a father like you. I appreciate the independence you gave me, the decisions you left up to me. And the times you let go so that I could learn things. I realize now that it wasn’t so easy for you to help me grow that way, but I guess that’s what being a father is all about… trying to just be there in all the right ways. Thank you, dad! Thanks for everything you did to help me be my own person. Words can’t really describe the respect and the love I feel for you… And it just gets deeper all the time.”

You taught me a lot and though I will admit you left out quite a bit as well, but I can’t blame you because you didn’t know any better. Who would of taught you how to be a dad when your father was not their for you as much? Who could of showed you when your father was already passed when you would have been able to understand? Be youngest couldn’t of been easy especially when you were born in the 30’s. things have changed so much I’m sure I wouldn’t of listened either way so I do not blame you for the things that you left out I just call all that I learned along the way character traits that make me who I am! I would change a lot but the best part in learning on my own is I know what I will teach my children not to do! You did what you could and I appreciate all that you and mom did! I love you and I miss you! *Muah*
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nikkiblanco said...

This was a beautiful post. I know this is about your father, but as I read it I think about my Grandmom and how I miss her soooo much, everyday. I went to her house this weekend and dreamed about her a few times and it made me cry because her voice is still so real in my head, her memory is still so strong its as if she's just on vacation, but then I can't hug her or touch her which makes it that much harder all over again.

I'm so glad I cherished her while she was here and not just now in passing.

Rest in peace to Mr. Pearson and to Grandmom Townsend... may their memories and voices forever live on through us!


Anonymous said...

emotive prose joi. the bond between father & daughter is one that i revere beyond measure.