Friday, April 10

New lease on life!

I have always been amazed at people when a New Year rolls around and we have this long list of resolutions and then a few days into the New Year, they have already forgotten about the list! So I have decided that instead of coming up with a list on how I am going to change a few things that I would come up with a new way to live: "Imma do me!" -Rocko (thanks!)

I have always been the type to think of others first, even sparing my last to make sure that someone else has but times have changed! The bad part is when you are like this and people do not share your same views then you get the short, the very short end of the stick and I refuse to be stuck with the short stick anymore!

I watched "I Am Legend" the other night and Will had made a statement about the night walkers that they had lost their human instinct; people who take advantage of others are like night walkers, no remorse! The sad part is that we live in a society of people who have accepted this type of treatment and even those who add to the seeming never ending cycle!

I have a lot of life to live and the future is extremely bright for me! "The world is my oyster," and I'm hungry!

I will continue to do for those who do for me but those who:

1. Are constantly disappointing me
2. Constantly lying and trying to tell me what I want to hear
3. Who are full of crap
4. Who are selfish
5. Who complain way too much
6. Who are too busy to be a true friend
7. Who are way to needy
8. Who are not honest with me. . .

I'm sorry but find a new sponsor! I have closed down the doors to my SAA (Sucker's Anonymous Association) program. . .

I choose to live my life differently and I refuse to let those who are not for me bring me down! I am not calling names, nor do I need to; Those who are for me know who they are and those who are for me but secretly are against me (Don't think that I do now know who you are)!

I'm not mad nor am I blogging this because I was treated any particular type of way I just know that enough is enough! Things are going to be different this time around!!!!
♥ ♥


Milly said...

Tell how you really feel Joi!

Milly said...

*Tell them

I'm sorry I cant spell or type today...I need more sleep

Bombchell said...

lol u so silly for look for a new center.


@ Milly- lol, well you know if i dont say somethin then it will be all bottled up inside and who wants that? lol, shit my blog i can vent anyway i feel necessary.... i talk about nice things too :-)


@ bombchell- SAA (Sucker's Anonymous Association) program... lol, check for a new Center we are CLOSED and no new opening date is set!