Tuesday, April 7

Haters Everywhere You Go

Keri Hater, I'm sure we all saw this Keri Hater video on You Tube well I send out a special Thanks to @Candice202 on Twitter (and Muzik Notes on blogger, check her out!) for puttin me on!
I wonder if he bought her c.d? Hmmmmm?! I know I wish I didn't.... I would of waited for her take more time to work on her c.d than to put out her first c.d and it not be all that the hype tried to make it :-(
♥ ♥


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I like her album but then again I downloaded it lol


You know to each its own... I'm sure you aren't the only one! The track that I do like 'Energy' she didn't even write, lol... imagine that!