Tuesday, March 17

Stop the Presses

Gucci Man and Mya @ Velvet in Atlanta....
What the Hell?! Saw it ain't so.... please tell me that this is a joke! Some people just won't go sit down.... and will date anyone to STAY in the public eye!

I saw this article on Sandra Rose click for the whole scoop! Props to celebrity photographer Prince Williams of ATLPICS.net

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Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

For a sec I thought it was cassie! idk why lol...wow I never knew what gucci mane looked like before...I could of kept not knowing! lol I'm a jerk I know ;)

Milly said...

No not Mya!
Gucci Mane sucka punched this girl he was dating because she was supposedly on stage when he didnr want her on stage, crazy! I know
But theres a video on U-tube and its not really "edited"

I really hope Mya isnt dating him


@ Tuotierugif >^..^<© - um this is nasty.... i know right if i was you i'd be okay not knowing too.... ur not a jerk ;-)


@ Milly- so I heard this morning on 107.9 that they aren't dating its just the way the pics look.... well they sure were around long enough cause Prince got like 20 pics of them too close for comfort :-)