Friday, March 6

Sleep Aides

1. Lavender everywhere (Johnson's and Johnson's, Febreze Noticeables Scented Oils Lavender and Vanilla)
2. 1/2 cup of warm milk

Why lavender?

Lavender is a strong, aromatic, uplifting, yet calming scent that relieves nervous tension and anxiety. If you are having restless nights or can't settle down before bedtime, consider using lavender to help you relax. Lavender is an indigenous plant to the mountainous areas near the Mediterranean. For more info click here,!

Got milk?
I have been trying a half glass of warm milk, I can hear my father saying to me to try it before I go to bed on the nights I struggled to sleep and now I know why....

If your parents used to give you a cup of warm milk before sending you off to bed, she had the right idea. Dairy foods are a good source of tryptophan, an amino acid that your body converts to melatonin and serotonin — both of which are thought to induce sleep. Other tryptophan-containing foods include oats, bananas, poultry and peanuts.

Hope this helps.... good night!♥ ♥

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donna summer's #1 fan said...

I've been drinking sleepy time tea! I love lavender!


Yeah that works too but I had to switch it up because I think I started to get immune to it.... I had to start using extra strength and then I might use two tea bags..... That's a lot!

Lavender works miracles and smells so good!