Sunday, March 8

A Day in the Life Early A.M

Shout out to Nikki Blanco over @ Honey and Vinegar ♥ who told me about a year ago that I should do this and I didn't but .... well here goes now! :-) ♥
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nikkiblanco said...

hahaha! "this is when i start talking random and i'd rather do that with out you listening"

as you're weaning yourself off pepsi--just think about the fact that it can take battery acid off of corroded batteries... hmmm... imagine what it's doing to your teeth and the lining of your stomach! i thought about that in high school and have had about 5 sodas a year since then--mine was dr. pepper tho.... oh, i love me some dr. pepper AND root beer... damn... i may have to have one of the five soon! lol

en"joi"ed watching your day!

Joi said...


yeah see i never could do dr. pepper i'm only a pepsi fan ;-) the bad thing is i know all the bad things that it will do and i still drink it. blame it on my dad, RIP!