Friday, March 20

Blackberry Apps

So I was talking to a fellow blackberry user and was put onto a few apps that I didn't know about so here goes: (Disclaimer you need to download these apps from your phone or To download the application from your computer, simply connect your BlackBerry smartphone to your computer using your USB cable and then click the button below!)

Twitter ... click here!

Google products... click here! I use their calendar its the best, you can download it from this link as well.... and it will instantly add whatever you add to your calendar online. The best thing is you can synch your calendar with other peoples on g-mail. Great option for on the go people!

Bank of America ... click here!

Facebook ... click here!

MySpace ... click here!

AIM ... click here!

Google Talk ... click here!

Yahoo messenger ... click here!

Viigo is a free software application for your Smartphone giving you access to News, Sports, Weather, Facebook, The Web.

is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world .... click here!

Music and Media... click here!

Games and Entertainment... click here!

Travel and Mapping ... click here!

Hope this helps! ;-)
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Bombchell said...

WOW thats a lot.

so the verizon commercial wasnt lying. I kinda assumed maybe only the storm had the app, or it was just for dramatization purposes.


@ bombchell- no all the blackberry's have these apps.... that's why they refer to them as crakcberry's.

what kind of phone do you have?