Tuesday, February 17

Facebook Causes: if this group reaches 1 mil, I will run around the world for AIDS

Recently I have been doing a lil soul searching and trying to find something that I truly believe in and can devote a lil time and maybe a few dollars too.... So I was on FACEBOOK and I came across this page under causes: if this group reaches 1 mil, I will run around the world for AIDS below is some info about it, if in interests you join.

Sometimes we get so caught up in what is going on in our word that we tend to forget that some people have it a whole lot worse. I woke up this morning feeling weird and as I am writing this that feeling is leaving me :-) Stand for something or you will fall for everything! Periodically I will blog about a cause because I think that we need to do more in our community and more to take a stand for things that we believe in.... If I can post about a party, or a pair of shoes then I can do what I can to spread the word.... ;-)

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2/15 - Still keeping the dream alive.

Help out an equally important cause -


In 2008, if this group reaches 1 million people I will attempt a run around the world. I am willing to dedicate a year or more of my life to running around the world for AIDS.

here are some facts about AIDS:

Number of people living with HIV/AIDS - 36.1 million
Children infected per day - 1,700
Cumulative number of people who have died from AIDS - 21.8 million

for more information please check out:

or general information at:

Now you might be asking - How do you plan on possibly running around the world?

Well, I have no idea if I can do it. But, I am willing to attempt it. I will literally run myself into the ground, for hours/days/months upon end to achieve a cure for this horrible disease. I think I have a realistic shot at it; I have participated in several ultra running events including 100 mile races, and I don't give up easily. I would love to have the opportunity to attempt this feat. Let's beat AIDS 1 mile at a time.

Tell your friends, get the word out. Show the public that college students care more about important world issues than a threesome.

Here is the website of a lady who is currently running around the world:

and here is another of a man who ran around the world in 22 months:

Why a facebook group... why not just start running?
Well this is a complex question, but, the bottom line is something of this magnitude takes tremendous support. There is no way I could possibly attempt this feat without tons of people supporting me, and supporting this cause.

Is this the best way of doing it?
I have no idea. But, it seems like this has the possibility to reach a large group of people.
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Milly said...

Good for you girl! Let that good Karma come back around to you :)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i dont have a face book page


@ Milly- thanks sweety!


@ Torrance- um why not? lol.... no you can still check out their page by clicking on some of the links in the post