Saturday, January 24

UBRINGMEJOI = Handbag Fanatic

Versace Icon Monogram East/West Satchel

Versace Croc-Stamped Kiss Bag

L.A.M.B. Remix Shamrock Bag

Zac Posen Iris Bag

Dolce & Gabbana Miss Romantique Coated Canvas Tote

Fendi Metallic Spy Bag

I am in love with handbags and shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are a few HOT bags that I would love to own eventually :-)
Some bags are classic and timeless; And sometimes you just need that bag for that outfit or just to add a little color in your life.... I love them ALL! Thanks to for letting me browse... They sale everything so go check em out!

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nikkiblanco said...

if there was a handbag personality, mine is ALL THE WAY the D&G tote... I love a classic black bag with a touch of hardware... I WANT THAAAAT


yeah that's true and i guess if i had to pick one to match my personality i would have to go with the Versace Croc-Stamped Kiss Bag.....
LOVE bright colored bags!!!!