Monday, January 12

Real Chance Of Love - Finale

Real and Chance on VH1
Chance is crying, I mean wow.... did anyone else see this mess? I mean I just so happen to catch it and I'm glad I had it taped because I could fast forward.... but this dude was truly crying!!!!!! First, he gets rid of the chic that got tatted up (Stallionate, wow) lol! Then the Asian MUA was geeked thinking he chose her and then he disses her too, wtf!

Real crying.... all the chics are crying- I mean just pick already! I knew he liked milk.... lol.... Go Corn Fed!
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Miss.Fortune said...

im glad he chose corn bread..or whateva her name was..she was real to him and bay bay bay just talk too damn much!

now i wanted risky to get chosen but atleast he kept it real and didnt tag her along..but damn what she gon' do with that "stallionette" tattoo? im sure somebody will discover he from the show and she'll make some money and hopefully get it covered up

Milly said...

I know ole girl feels real stupid for getting tatted up with that mess.

But yeah girl Chance is known for crying...Did you get a glimpse of him back in the I love NY days? Bless his heart,CUZ He cried at least on two episodes.

Rowrytah said...

Yes that show was a mess!!!! Real and Chance are a mess. But uh...I really didn't even like Corn Fed either...I think they both should've given all of them the boot. I mean Real was all on M.I.L.F's jock the whole show and he and Corn Fed didn't even have great chemistry either...Well, I say we all need to get ready for Real Chance of Love 2 because I am sure it's coming. Chance is already ready for it...Hahaha..Hopefully, they get some better girls because most of them girls in the house was just a hot mess and skanks too...LOL!!!!


this show was funny.... i'm glad that he didnt fake it and pick someone just cause .... been then again thats a perfect set up for season 2.

yeah these dudes are too emotional.... ha ha!

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I gotta watch this whole season cause I really havent seen one episode :( lol