Saturday, January 24

Kat Deluna "Unstoppable" feat Lil Wayne

It's addictive and though I had never heard of Kat Deluna I must give another shout out to Reggie over at Purple Rain.... Gotta love Lil Wayne and his guitar for making an appearance in this vid too

Definitely has a POP feel to it and she is cute ;-)

Kathleen Emperatriz "Kat" DeLuna (born November 17, 1987 in The Bronx, New York) but grew up in the parts of Newark, New Jersey. Kat is an American singer of Dominican heritage. Her mother, born in the Dominican Republic, owns a bakery shop in downtown Newark. She is currently signed to Akon's label Konvict Muzik. Konvict originally announced its intention to re-release her debut album, 9 Lives but her recent announcement on Myspace that she is back in the studio working on her second album, suggests that 9 Lives will not be re-released.

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