Friday, January 2

Honey and Vinegar by Nicole Townsend

It's here, it's here Honey and Vinegar, yeah I got mine today go get yours :-). . .
'Last night
as we lay
he lightly caressed
my arm
as he talked
about things that
didn't really matter
(but mattered)
and as my head
rest on his chest
there was no other
place in this world
that I wanted to be.'

Copyright Nic Towns
I love it! and can't wait to read more :-)
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CorporateHustler32 said...

Got Mine too.. One of my favorite's is "Trials of Love" pg.59.. I feel like there's a little bit of everything a lot of people can relate to in this book..


lol.... @ least she came- classic!

nikkiblanco said...

awwww!!! you two are the best!!!

Thank you!!!!