Saturday, January 10

Cancer Astrology for Jan 20, 2009 to Jan 22, 2009

Your Birth Date: 07/04/1980
Overview: Fuhgeddaboudit!
Mars Square Pluto: Jan 20, 2009 to Jan 22, 2009

You're all sneers, bad attitude and streetwise skills. You're in no mood to take any attitude from anyone, let alone some punks who think they know it all. In this mood, it might be best to avoid company.

Sun Sesquiquadrate Venus

A tiny little thing has set you off. You know you're being totally unreasonable, but at the moment, you don't care. Put things in perspective. Think about waking up alone. Permanently.


Mars Square Pluto

No fair trying to convince anyone you're a direct descendant of Vito Corleone. You won't need any help getting them to do your bidding. Be benevolent.

Mercury Sesquiquadrate Venus

This is your challenge, no matter what the higher-ups say to you or how unfair you know it is: Remember who signs your paycheck.

Sometimes I pay attention and sometimes I don't I love what it says about my career and overview! lol!

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