Sunday, December 28

Life Isn't Measured in Minutes but in Moments!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttonis up for 8 Critic Choice Awards, 5 Golden Globes, Black Reel Award: Best Supporting Actress Taraji P. Henson , 3 SAG Awards and a lot more!
At first it was a toss up this or Will Smith and well though the movie was 2 hours and 48 minutes versus 2 hours we opted well I'm sure the post says it all! I was intrigued on how they were going to tell this story: Set in New Orleans, Louisiana from the end of World War I on November 11, 1918 all the way to August 29, 2005 – when Hurricane Katrina washed upon the shores of New Orleans and the Gulf South.

Daisy (played by Cate Blanchett) was lying in her death bed at a hospital in New Orleans just as Hurricane Katrina was approaching the Gulf South on August 29, 2005. She was accompanied by her daughter, Caroline (played by Julia Ormond) and a nurse at the hospital with news being broad-casted that a hurricane was approaching the region. Daisy asked her daughter to read from a diary written by Benjamin Button along with various photos and postcards with it as part of her last wishes. The diary was written by Benjamin Button just before he began losing his memory, and the story was narrated from his voice. . .(click on paragraph to go to the Wiki page for more on the film)

I cried! lol :-( I'm a baby when it comes to love and death so yeah I admit I had to grab the napkins and try to play it off as my man laughed at me :-( What can I say a good movie is always going to stir up emotions we try to hide! I love the way that the movie played out and the actors and actresses that they choose for the roles were right on point. Well anyway I think that this movie is a must see... If you saw it what did you think? Read More!


donna summer's #1 fan said...

I LOVED this movie! I cried too. Very beautiful and romantic and sad. It made me really think about aging and just living life in general.


i know right and in the movie her skin looked like porcelain... i went directly home and put on night time aging cream, lol!

the 08 "notebook" is what V called it... i can see that!

Milly said...

Now I really have to go see it


yes, please go and see this movie!