Wednesday, December 31

I Wish . . .

i wish that things were oh so simple again like when i was a little girl, and all i needed to do for comfort was crawl up in my fathers lap as he would rub my back until i fell asleep.
i wish that i could pick up the phone and tell him all my problems as he gives me "the daddy version" of life's advice.
i wish that i could look him in the eyes and know that with his magical spells, powers and potions that it would all be better.
i wish that i could see him smile just one more time.
i wish that GOD gave me and him more time, so that i could have many more memories.
i wish that you were here to run errands with me, open my door, pump my gas you know the little things.
i wish you were here to laugh with me, smile with me and cry with me.
i wish you were here to listen to me and guide me through this crazy, mixed up world.
i wish that i could see my mom and dad, laugh, hold hands and cry together.
i wish that i was at my brother's baseball game and when i looked out into the crowd i saw my father with his video camera.
i wish that that special someone had to ask my father for his blessing to ask for my hand in marriage.
i wish that one day he would be walking me down that aisle and giving me away.
i wish that he would be able to spend time with my children, he could read them stories and rock them to sleep like he did me.
i wish that life did not have to end so abruptly for him.
most importantly, i wish that i had one more day with him, one more hour or just a few more minutes. . . but all i can do is wish because the reality is i lost my BEST FRIEND years ago and nobody will never ever take his place!
i miss you dad and i love you ever so dearly. . . shedding tears wishing you here!

Sept. 8, 2007

I lost my father in 04 and I must admit it was the worst thing that could of ever happened to me, I would never wish this type of pain onto anyone not even my worst enemy. I just thought that I would share in my loss to anyone who has every lost a parent.... know that it will not be easy but with prayer and time you can come to grips with it! GOD will never put something on you that you cannot handle, pray and stay close to him! Also, for anyone who does not have a close bond with your family try your best to get it right, nobody is perfect so whatever was wrong let it go and grow closer together. GOD bless! :-) Read More!



i miss you daddy :-( loving you today, tomorrow and forever

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

This was so sweet, I'm sure he is looking down on you and is very proud!


thanks sweety, i hope he is too...