Friday, December 19

Brandy Can't Walk Away From This Lawsuit

Recently I heard Brandy tell V103 in Atlanta, GA that she is only giving her daughter 4 presents for Christmas this year and that we are living in a recession. After Frank Ski sounded like he didn't understand why an Atlantic, Epic recording artist with 5 studio albums (Brandy, Never Say Never, Full Moon, Afrodisiac, Human) and the credits go on and on would say such a statement . . maybe this is why she feels like this: Brandy is facing a second lawsuit in relation to her 2006 car crash which left a woman dead. The singer, full name Brandy Norwood, walked away from the California freeway collision, but Awatef Aboudihaj died from her injuries.

The Afrodisiac hitmaker was never charged with any wrongdoing in the crash, but Aboudihaj’s family are pursuing a $50 million (GBP33.5 million) civil action for wrongful death against the star.

The civil trial is set for April 2009. And now Norwood is facing a second suit from a man who was injured in the accident. Donald Lite filed papers at Los Angeles Superior Court last week (Dec 8th) claiming Norwood and Aboudihaj failed to follow road regulations, resulting in the smash which left him with “serious and permanent injuries”. Lite’s personal injury suit is seeking unspecified damages to cover his hospital costs. Read More!



I understand the reason to not want to spend a lot of money on toys and extravagant gifts as well but I would really be thinking twice and three times if I knew I had this lawsuit chasing me down. . . what do you think?


Milly said...

Wow I had no idea she was being sued especially for that big amount...damn!


i know right, that's crazy! ouch!