Wednesday, December 17


Recently, I have realized that through all the bad at the end of the day there is a bright shining sun that sits over me and follows me wherever I go!!!!

I don't know why we have to reach the bottom sometimes to see that we have so much more work to do and there is no time for a personal pity party, we just need to buckle up our boot straps and get to work!!!! All the bad is to help us realize that we have more work to do: more work to do on ourselves!!!! We cannot blame others for our own insecurities and our issues! That person that stares you in the eye when you look in the mirror is the only one that can help you, help you!!!! You can pray for wisdom, strength, guidance, faith etc. but you still have to do the work!!! So start now!!!

As I sit in a place that I have dreamed that I would be all my life, I realize that all that blood, sweat and tears has brought me to this important part of my life I am THANKFUL that I have endured the bad to get to the good!!!! I am THANKFUL to you, for making me better, standing by my side, holding my hand and encouraging me to go on... As I sit and look outside at the rain steadily falling I realize that that rain is nurturing the plants and the animals, it is washing away the bad and soon the sun will shine on....

I'm THANKFUL because though rain drops are falling the bright sun sits over me and follows me wherever I go!!!Read More!