Thursday, October 23

BC Jean . . . . Love IT!

I'm feeling her version way more than Beyonce's..... I mean if I have to listen to another Ciara "Like A Boy" remake (this song is a lot slower, so?) I might as well be able to understand what she is saying.... At the end of the day I get it but. . . . We aren't!

At the end of the day we are not boys..... so get over it!!!! We are women well some of us, so get yourself together and you won't attract boys.... and you will get a MAN (kudos to mine :-)!!!!! ) ;-)


MirthNadir said...

Nice to see you back posting again. Don't stay gone for long.

donna summer's #1 fan said...

hey! her version is WAY better! beyonce is over-singing on hers.