Thursday, July 31

Wow, Look At Him Now: Gary Dourdan

So what happened to Gary Dourdan? I'm sure we all remember him from "A Different World", "New York Undercover", Janet's Video, CSI, he played in "A Perfect Stranger" as Halle's ex man etc.

Gary Robert Durdin (he changed his surname when he started acting) was born on 11 December 1966, the second youngest of five children by Robert and Sandy Durdin. Tragedy hit Gary at the tender age of 6 when his beloved older brother Darryl (age 23) while researching the French lineage of his father, was pushed to his death off a motel balcony on a high cliff in Haiti. The Haitian authorities had no motive or suspects in the case and thirty years on the case still remains unsolved.


ShAé - ShAé said...

He got old & played out. That's what happened. You know they say drugs will swell you up and a brother was recently caught in his car with some oooh wee recently.


lol..... i know that's right! damn, i was hoping that he would age gracefully but um yeah, maybe not! thanks for stoppin by! ;-)