Tuesday, July 22

Spoof Ads Featuring Mr. West

Puffy has a $100 million deal to promote Ciroc vodka and Kanye West is the face of Absolut in new egocentric ads that don’t even reveal they’re promoting anything more than Kanye-ness.
There are new “Be Kanye” spoof ads featuring little tablets that promise to turn you into Kanye West that are actually ads for Absolut. According to the “Be Kanye” ads, vodka can solve all your problems and make you rich, arrogant and attractive to women. Because all you need to do to feel good about yourself is get wasted.

Granted you have to google and visit the website to see the ads to realize that they’re substituting little pills for vodka and making it seem like a cure all. Removing the product from the ad makes you do that extra bit of work that supposedly connects you to the brand or whatever marketing people would call it in that ridiculous jargon-filled way that they speak. JayBird said she saw these ads a couple weeks ago in NY and looked them up at home. They must be effective because JayBird did it and here we are giving them free advertising.

When Diddy did a presumably blind taste test on Ellen of four different vodkas he made a face at the vodka that turned out to be Absolut and had trouble telling the difference between Ketel One and Ciroc, saying they both went down well. That was more convincing to me than these ads, because I care if a vodka tastes smooth and helps me preserve the sexy. I want to be me, but with a buzz and without a hangover the next day.

Spoof Ads


nictowns said...

"I saw this on the train the other day and saw the commercial on youtube... i can't lie--i thought it was cute how they did the reaaaally ol'school, 80's type commercial with the tiger in it... but i doooo nooooot like absolut--doesn't matter how cute the ad is.... absolut does NOT do it for me! Ketel One maaaaybe... have not tried Ciroc yet... I've been sticking to wine and mojitos lately."