Wednesday, July 2

"A Milli Hot or Not BEFORE Wayne?"

"A Milli" produced by Bangladesh (check out his Myspace page); I remember the first time that I heard the song (and it wasn't on the radio) and I wondered when it was going to end, the repetition was nerve racking and I wondered, "Is this the way the song is really going to sound?" Fortunately for the masses my opinion doesn't matter much because everyone loves the song (and I must admit it grew on me). But I'm wondering do they love the song because of Wayne and his undeniable swag, the lyrics he spits on the track, or is it because of the beat?

Cause I'm trying to understand if anyone realizes that the beat is not hot??? The song is hot because Wayne is on it (imagine that), the beat retains some of that energy, but without Wayne, the beat would not be all that everyone is making it out to be!

You know how beats sometimes sit around and wait for the right owner well this is one of those beats and thank goodness it did because before Wayne, when it was on Bangladesh's group, everybody hated it!! So its amazing that its getting all of this hype now. . .

The music industry its hilarious some of the same artists who despise the new trend of ultra-simplicity in southern production and who who hated on snap music are embracing what might be the simplest beat ever released (and I'm not saying that simple is bad, I'm just trying to make a point).

He has been noted for having produced and maybe even brought back Kelis with "Bossy," has worked with Ludacris on "What's Yo Fantasy?" Petey Pablo's "Vibrate," and also 8Ball and MJG "Don't Make Me." And lets not forget his other 2008 joint "Talking Out The Side of Your Neck" by Dem Franchize Boyz (possibly the biggest flop of the summer). Which I wonder if we had heard Wayne on that beat first would it have been the smash that a milli is?

Here is a brief excerpt from Bangladesh explaining the track which by the way he never even sat down with Wayne to do, Shanell (singer and current member of "The Girls Club") slipped the track to Wayne.
"He switched it up and tried to make it “ill.” If that was somebody else, it wouldn’t be on the radio. They just f*ck with Wayne regardless. That right there makes me like that sh*t, because it’s against the grain and it’s working. That sh*t’s no format. A n*gg* went in, free styled, and that sh*t’s all over the radio. And it’s the hottest beat in hip-hop right now. Every time I turn on Rap City, they in the booth rapping to the beat," Bangladesh. The Rhapsody: Behind The Carter III

So the question behind the post is. . . What do you think? I'm truly interested; do you like the beat or do you only bob your head to the track cause of Wayne?


Steven M said...

Yo Joi, first of all Happy BDay. Second, it is not the beat. It is Wayne all day. His lyrics keep the beat going. I am sorry to say but not much substance to the track. It doesn't inspire me or make me want to listen to other beats of his. It makes me want to hear what wayne has to say. These legion of rappers on the Millie beat are inspired by Wayne not by the actual beat. Im not trying to ride Waynes you know what I am just calling it how I see it.

The New Renaissance Man said...

I have to disagree, I think it is the beat, its catchy. Me personally dont think Wayne ripped it like everyone is saying. He has some tight lines but to call this song lyrical??? Hmmmm, I'mma need cats to go back and dissect the song line by line, Maybe I'm hard on the cat being that I am into true Lyricist (NAs, Jay, Andre 3000, Lupe Fiasco). But back to the topic I'm not a Wayne fan this is one of two songs that I like by him, and what got me to like this one was hands down the beat.

Lewis ArVon Johnson said...

Me myself, I'm an artist as well and I think Wayne really did eat that shit which makes it easier to crank it on repeat. As for the track, I also produce so ''I'' realize the simplicity and lack of format in the beat too! I will say this tho, it's one of those things that jus worked out perfect! The hottest rapper out, full of swag...lyrics, and he's seems to be having a BALL on the song! The thing that seperates it from a snap song's simplicity is Wayne. It doesn't actually ''sound'' as poor quality wise as alotta the beats some rappers use for songs these days such as damn near any Souljah Boy song or Hot Stylz feat. Yung Joc nu song ''lookin boy''...the sounds in those types beats are terrible!!!!! I jus watched Game and Busta Rhymes on rap city to ''a milli'' and I think they love that beat because of how it be riding! I wanna damn near putta verse on it myself but I doubt I will because everyone else and they mama tryin to do the same thing! Listening to the instrumental, I can't say the beats garbage when I'm in the south and I get to hear hot industry and underground garbage all the time!!! So I'll say Wayne spit sum hot shit on it and the track, it's ok....gotta have a good vibe or sum head knod to it and IT DOES have that oh so familiar bassline you clubbers have grown to love!!! I said all of that to say Wayne took an ok track and made a banger out of it!!! I guess he is ''ILL''.................