Saturday, April 4

Romance- Exhausted the possibilities!?

The other night ended up being a 'girls night' as it must of been a dedication to every love movie Sanaa Lathan has made; first up "Something New" and then "The Best Man." As we sat there watching we noticed that in the first movie they were in the bedroom with seemed like a million candles lit and he was painting her toe nails and in the second they were in the tub, rose petals filled their bath, candles were lit as well and it seemed like the 'Quiet Storm' was playing in the background!?

Where did these days go? Or are they still there and me and my girls are missing it? Or is this just what goes on in the 'movies'? We hear "you watch to much t.v" alot but is it wrong to expect to have 'some romance' in our lives?

"Love Jones"
they had a 'hot topic' about romance and the verdict Darius Lovehall (aka Larenz Tate), came up with: " about the possibility of the thing. From the time when you first meet some fine ass woman... To the time you make love to her. From the time you first propose to her. To the time you say I do. When people who have been together for a long time say that the romance is dead....nuh uh......they just EXHAUSTED THE POSSIBILITIES!"
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Lloyd said...

It's funny how you women seem to think men are not capable of doing such things, in fact we are very capable. The problem is as most of you women who don't get it seem to not realize is that we guys need to be motivated by attitude etc. Another point to look at is the fact that you ladies sell yourself short by the way you act and how you present yourself (especially african american women). And finally....and this is the big one.....stop dating the wrong men. When you guys start having good values then you will attract good men who will treat you all with respect. More and more you women seem to be attracted to the "men for a day" that you met at the club or your favorite hangout spot and before you know if he has good credit sleeping with him sometimes the same night. Do you actually expect to get candles and flowers after that? You all need to wake is like a business if you invest badly then your returns will be shit.

Still love you all

Sonny B said...

I'm sorry to missin' it, darlin. You missin' it. Cuz its very real in my world.

Anonymous said...

girl it's too late, all the movies & novels we've watched & read might have given us an unrealistic view of love [sigh], then again most of us are hopeless romantics, and keep hoping & praying for that great guy.

Love Jones is absolutely beautiful!!

check out "Love Me If You Dare," you might really like it too

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I hope when I get in a relationship it never gets drab and boring or we get tired of one another :( lol

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

they are still here and do exist

-- // lethalpoi$on said...

believe it or not, romance secretly plays a part in every aspect of your life. whether its having a random txt sent to you from smeone special or having smeone do smethng mild but sweet for you. being romantic is a variety of gestures one can do to another to make them feel special, its the interpretation that confuses thm. quite frankly i think its a little naive whn a female expects a male to go over the top & perform smethng drastic to impress them. smethng as simple as placing a rose in your purse with a little love note attached to it or calling jst to say i love you should & can be romantiv enough. you jst have to have an open mind abt those things honey - dont worry. love will find you!

♥ lea


@ -- // lethalpoi$on- um lets not get it twisted I am in love and my man does everything that he needs to do!!!!!!

i actually wrote this post because my roommate was the one that was complaining and she is single, so i though hmmm i wonder what other people think.

romance to me is all types of lil things and every once in awhile it can be the BIG things, i just think that sometimes we get so busy in our lives that we might forget about the lil things! i mean some men don't know how to say 'i love you' i watched my father for years go w/o doin lil things for my mother, but she knew she was loved and she never complained. as i got older of course he expressed himself more, maybe he didn't want to do too much in front of the kids.... but thanks for the response!