Tuesday, June 24

Post BET Awards

Did you think that D.L Hughley was funny?

Usher opened the Awards performing "Love In This Club" and he danced etc it was cool, but I don't think that it was all of that...

Keyshia Cole looked nice as she performed "Heaven Sent" and Lil Kim came out to perform "Let Go," this was a good show but the mic wasn't working.

Ne-Yo, looked nice as he normally does, and killed the live performance. His dancers were doing thier thing and he had the Jabbawockeez, the winners from the MTV Dance Show, help end his performance.

Young Jeezy ripped it with Kanye performing his new joint! It was classic just them two but it was HOT!

Alicia Keys looked like a teenager, as she performed "Teenage Love Affair" then segwayed into SWV's "I Get So Weak" then segwaying into EnVogue's "Hold On" and lastly TLC's "Waterfalls." They all looked great but I did over hear a few people say that Alicia's make up looked nice but those jeans and that wig was not a good look on her, lol. She paid homage to her favorite female groups (who all performed with her) and I must say that they all sounded good! I'm so thankful that she took that wig off when she accepted her award for Best Female R&B Artist.

Kanye won the award for Best Hip Hop Artist and brought Lil Wayne on stage with him and congratulated him on selling over a million albums in his opening week and called him his "fiercest competition!" I hear you Kanye!

T-Pain performed all his joints and brought out Flo Rida, Rick Ross, Big Boi, Ludacris and ended with "I'm So Hood," personally I love this song!

Marvin Sapp brought a lil soul with "I Made It," with you I made it; AMEN! GIVE IT UP FOR GOD!

Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton and Maxwell all sang individually to do a tribute to Al Green. Al Green brought it back with "Love and Happiness" and told all couples that they need to "Stay Together!"

Chris Brown started it off slow with "With You" and off course true to nature had to get his grind on with Ciara in their remix "Take You Down," as Rihanna clapped with a smile on her face ;-)

Rihanna sung "Take a Bow" as she looked elegantly fine and sounded great!

Ashanti, looked nice with her BIG hair, as she ripped the mic from D.L and made a point to introduce her man Nelly, who performed with J.D, their Jordan song (sort of like his Air Force song, lol) with Ciara. Fergie (with her lovely baby bump, I think E News reported that she is expecting) got
on stage with him to perform their song together.

Lil Wayne, closed it out with T-Pain to rap "Got Money" and off course "Lollipop" in ode to Static, his final song was of course "A Milli". . . as he raps, "Hip Hop is alive don't worry I got it!"

Best New Artist: The Dream
Best Male Hip Hop Artist: Kanye West
Best Video of the Year: UGK featuring Outkast
Best Male R&B Artist: Chris Brown
Best Female R&B Artist: Alicia Keyes
Best Group: UGK
Best Female Hip Hop Artist: Missy Elliot
Best Collaboration: "I'm So Hood"
Best Gospel Artist: Marvin Sapp
Best Male Actor: Denzel Washington
Best Female Actress: Halle Berry
Viewers Choice: Lil Wayne
BETJ Award: Raheem Devaughn

What's up with all the winners not being at the show to accept their awards? I must say some of the performances were HOT but the dialog before they announced the awards was a lil' corny, it was like they were trying to hard to be funny!

Check out some of the best and worst dressed, from my point of view!


The Fly Guy said...

I personally thought Keyshia Cole was HORRIBLE. I can't remember the last time I heard that many wrong notes. Oh, I remember now ... NEVER.

Andrea said...

I agree with some...but None of these pictures are best dressed at all girl...lol


to fly guy: lol! that was too funny, i could not understand what the problem was. . . i tried too too!

to andrea: i know right and the Best dressed award goes to . . . UBRINGMEJOI with her cute Vickie's on at the house, lol!

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