Sunday, June 15

Celtics Fan Here We Go!!!!!

Game 5 is tonight at 9pm and I think that even if you are not a sports fan you will want to be in front of the t.v !

Celtics fans will be on the edge of their seats waiting for a ring versus Lakers fans hoping that the show will go on. . .

Phil Jackson canceled practice Friday after a defeat to the Celtics, who gave up a 24 point lead in the second, the series is now 3-1.

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art," Phil Jacksons reasoning behind his decision.

The Lakers have to make adjustments to survive Game 5, but the Celtics have been beating them with desire and intensity and fight (defense and rebounding) more so than with strategy and made shots. Boston's confidence and toughness allowed it to withstand the firsthand onslaught by L.A and helped it make all the key shots late in the contest. Because the Celtics are only one game away from the title, L.A. can do little to shake Boston's mind-set, so focusing on its own is the proper course to take.

Boston has been the tougher and more conditioned team throughout this series. Patient and trusting of one another, the Celtics have survived comebacks by L.A. and mounted a successful one of their own. To defeat a team as talented as L.A. two straight games on the road seems impossible, but it is clearly in their sights now. The Celtics' collective discipline should help them play a good game, as they may forget for a moment that they still have two home games to take care of business just in case. L.A., however, is a proud franchise with some terrific players who simply have been outplayed by better ones. Winning Game 5 should be their only focus, and losing two of three at home should be their driving force. Claiming a title is almost impossible now, so this game is the Lakers' last shot at good feelings until the fall, when their chase will begin again.

GAME 5 here we go!