Tuesday, June 3

Have You Been "Sexed in the City"?

Well I must admit that I did not go out and buy a new dress, nor did I want to go run in line on the first day that the movie came out but I'm glad that I did go this weekend to see it ($55 million in sales and it also made nearly $27 million in its first day in theatersMarket Watch)

It was my girl's birthday Monday and we all went to Martini's and manicures before the movie, loved it at Polished (a chic beauty lounge in West Lake Village)! It was mandatory to get the girls together and go see this movie, if you have not seen it yet please take 3 hours out of your day to go catch it. The four lovely ladies played their wonderful selves and Jennifer Hudson did an awesome job as the personal assistant with the "rental" Louis bags. You will laugh and cry but at the end you will appreciate your "girl friends" even more!

A must see more than once! ;-)